Advanced Persuasion Stacking is one of the biggest opportunities out there right now, in becoming better at making the first sale. This is because the hardest sale most people make is the first sale. Why? Because the person in front of you does not:

  • Know you (yet)
  • Like you (yet)
  • Or trust you (yet)
  • They may also not understand your product, or service (yet)

So what’s the answer? There are many possible answers and many opportunities to develop relationships, and become better at selling etc.


Learn what this is and how you can use it in your business to create more leads than you ever dreamt possible.

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Here’s a bit about me…

I’m International Speaker, Trainer and Sales and Marketing Expert. Prior to that, I was a former International Professional Table Tennis Player and I am just about to compete in the Veterans European Table Tennis Championships in June in Italy.

Since retiring from sport, I have used my expertise, energy and skills to help small businesses to grow. My unique approach to business strategy consulting and improving business results has significantly increased the bottom lines of over 10,000 clients worldwide.

MY PASSION ► I help companies to grow Sales by making Sales and Marketing strategies more effective. I do this by finding overlooked sales and marketing opportunities and improving the sales and marketing results companies currently achieve.

COMPANIES I HAVE HELPED INCLUDE ► Microsoft, BT, Cimbali, Sport England, Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Dubai Oasis Authority & 1,000’s of small businesses.

VISIT STEVE-MILLS.COM ► I have helped my clients to increase sales by over £100m+ in sales through my training, mentoring, speaking and ‘done for you’ marketing services.

WHAT WE DO ► I am a Coach and Adviser and I focus on helping my clients to grow their businesses by 10X. I improve our client’s revenue by improving their sales and marketing strategies and action plans.

OUR CLIENTS ► I work with businesses from a single entrepreneur to multi-million-pound companies helping to increase sales through customisation of sales and marketing approaches and training processes.

THE STEVE MILLS RESULTS INNER CIRCLE ► Is one of the most popular online sales and marketing training associations for small businesses –

MEDIA AND ME ► I have been featured on TV, Radio and throughout the world. I have worked in UK, USA, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Switzerland, Vietnam. I have over 400 published videos on YouTube and 1,000’s of blog posts. I am an on-demand business speaker, trainer and advisor, with a social media following of over 250,000 people, with over 10 years of content viewed and 50,000 page views every month.

PERSONAL LIFE ►When I am not working I can be found playing Table Tennis, keeping fit on the tennis court, or at the gym, playing golf (very badly), following my beloved Sheffield Wednesday, or walking with my wife Annette and my dog Bentley along the beach in my new home in Southsea.

READY TO TALK? ► Connect with me on LinkedIn, email me at [email protected], or call me on 07977 074 497.

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Steve Mills