Let me ask you a question - Do you want to become more successful? 

If the answer is YES, then the secret to your success lies in these three words - IMPROVE YOUR RESULTS.  What results?  Your sales and marketing results.

Are You Ready For RESULTS?


Steve's 12-month programme of business growth includes planning, implementation, and review. Grow your business by 25% to 150%.


Steve provides online video-based sales and marketing training, as well as open and in-house training programmes for organisations.


RESULTS Coaching

Everyone who wants to do better at anything needs a coach. Steve's coaching is focused on sales, marketing, and business growth.


Steve's website contains a shop where you can buy business books, online training, eco-friendly marketing promotional goods, etc.


Too busy to do your own marketing consistently? Hire Steve's team. You can outsource it to us.


Steve speaks at events, conferences, and exhibitions all over the world. Recently he has presented in Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and The Isle of Wight!




THURSDAY 25th AUGUST 2022 | FROM 11:00AM TO 12:00PM UK time.

If you want to be more successful in business, here is the key - BECOME BETTER AT MARKETING AND SELLING!  Learn how to win new business in the next 30 days by following the 7 PRINCIPLES of RESULTS Mastery. 


Steve's RESULTS Programmes

It has taken him 27+ years to develop his RESULTS based approach to business growth.


The RESULTS Mastery

As a member of the RESULTS Mastery Programme, you can expect 25% to £150% growth in your business.


Ready For Better RESULTS?

Take a look at the system here and book a free no-obligation meeting with Steve to talk about your business and how we can help.

Why choose us

We help businesses to grow, and we solve three key problems: 

  • Some businesses don't have the time to do their own marketing, and so they can outsource that to us.
  • Others are not 'techie' and don't get 'digital marketing.
  • A few have relied on referrals and a bit of networking to survive, and now they want to scale.

Ring any bells? If it does, then get in touch.


There is absolutely no doubt that Steve knows what he is doing. We have worked with him for close to 20 years.  My business and our franchisee’s businesses ROI has gone through the roof with his no BS and straight forward training.

Mike Holloway
Mike Holloway Managing Director of Cookerburra Oven Cleaning

Steve is the ultimate professional and brings a commercial mindset to business development. One of Steve’s strengths is his dogged determination to squeeze out every last ounce of value from no and low-cost strategies for his clients.

Bob Harper – Partner of Crinchers Accountants and Agenderli

Cascade Event Management’s turnover hit £492,000 last year (up from £290,000 last year) and I’m sure a significant part of that is down to the time I spent with you, Steve.

Chris Monk
Chris Monk – Managing Director

We attended Steve’s one day workshop and we can honestly say that as a direct result of attending we made £42,000,000 from LinkedIn in six months.  No BS…

Ian jones – Managing Director

We have been on Steve’s Coaching Programme for just 3 months and in that brief time, we have seen our average number of monthly leads increase by a whopping 64.7%.

Seamus Parfrey
Seamus Parfrey – Accountant and business owner at Parfrey Murphy Accountants

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