BusinessSteve's recommended websites

Steve either uses these websites, or has used them in the past, or he feels confident in recommending their services and products. We hope this helps you.


Translates video content into written word

Shot Cut

Video editing software


Meeting management system

Exalt IP

Intelectual Property Management and advice


Get people to do things for you for $5

Video Ask

Used to ask people for referrals and testimonials


Used to produce easy, quick 1-2-1 videos for training, advice, sales etc.


Fantastic site for developing a online training and community programme

Click Funnels

Great for producing sales funnels

Goals on Track

Great for setting up and managing your goals

Run Print Run

Our recommended supplier of printed merchandise, and promotional goods

LinkedIn Rating

Social Selling Index

How good are you on LinkedIn? Get your rating


Screen capture and editing video software. Steve uses this!

Business Connections Live

Video production specialists and UK’s No.1 business TV channel

Event Brite

Great for event hosting and marketing, seminars, webinars etc

E-mail Octopus

Email Octopus

Email video management (a strange name I know!)


The last business card you will ever need.


We all need to be Podcasting and this is what I use and endorse

Trust Pilot

A site for you to get recommended by others

Uber suggest

A keyword research website

My Expertise Online

Take your years of expertise and turn it into an online programme

Chat GPT

Fantastic AI tool

 Use AI to write your copy for you. This is awesome!