Review of The RESULTS Mastery Business Growth Programme


The first thing to consider is understanding where you are starting from. Is today your first day in business? Or are you turning over £250,000? Once you know where you are, then the next step is deciding what you want in the next 12 months. Then step three is putting a plan in place to get you what you want.

These are the first three steps we cover in the business growth programme for small businesses that I call RESULTS Mastery.


  1. Do nothing and just keep going hoping things will get better
  2. Retreat and hope you can cope with the tough times ahead
  3. Sign up for someone else’s programme
  4. Join The RESULTS Mastery Programme


  1. A weekly mastermind group meeting with Steve Mills and other highly experienced group members who are all committed to helping each other
  2. An online marketing plan
  3. A Kickoff meeting to set up your marketing plan
  4. The RESULTS Mastery University – An online business growth training containing over 250 videos covering sales, marketing, strategy, people, customers, finance and systems and a community of members working together for mutual benefit
  5. An open line to Steve Mills to ask him questions and access his 28 years of experience
  6. Weekly Q&A
  7. Friday finish meeting.


  1. What would success look like to you? What would your income level be in twelve months?
  2. What would success look like in terms of profit level in twelve months?
  3. The impact on you.  What will this mean to you?


There are two ways of paying for RESULTS Mastery.

  1. Monthly at £299 per month = £3,588pa
  2. Annual = £3,000pa saving you two months’ payment and £588


The only question on your mind right now should be – Will I make a profit by becoming a member? 

In other words, will I get more from this than I put in?  I believe that if you were starting from scratch and had nothing and it was day number one of your business, then you should make £50,000 to £100,000 in twelve months. I know this because I have been getting at least these results for people for 29 years.

If you are established and making £100,000+ you should make another £100,000.  If you are turning over around £250,000, then I would suggest £350,000 to £500,000.

This depends on you taking the agreed action!

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