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Here are what I think are five powerful keys to becoming more successful. Including business success, health success, relationship success and success in life generally.

They are:

1. Constantly ask yourself if the habits you are doing are helping or hindering you

Chances are that some of the things you are doing are hindering you. If they are then stop doing them and start doing habits that are helping you

2. Track everything that you want to improve

This is in my opinion one of the biggest mistakes in business. Not knowing your numbers? Business is after all a numbers game. Essentially if you want to improve something you need to understand the numbers

3. Do the hardest things first

For many people, one of the things that they hate most, or fear most is getting on the phone to make calls. Do it first, or it will never get done!

4. Address the core issues

Another biggie! Some people spend most of their business lives and I am talking years and years worrying about being able to pay the bills. Hoping that they will be able to pay their staff and debtors. Whilst all this time they are not sorting out their core issue. ie not winning enough sales because that are crap at marketing and have never done any sales training.

5. Take massive action

One of the biggest reasons for business failure (currently at 80%) is a lack of marketing and sales ability. Another big reason is it never gets done, or if it does it is done by taking a little bit of action. People tell me every day:

  • I am on LinkedIn, but I don’t do very much
  • I tried Google Ads. I did it myself, but it didn’t work. When I ask about the training they had done the response is that 99.9999% of people have done no training
  • They tell me that they are responsible for sales in their company and they have never done any sales training
  • They post on social media once per month because they don’t want to bombard people
  • They do the same thing with email marketing by sending out a quarterly newsletter
  • They then tell me that they don’t understand SEO.

Not doing this is just madness and it is a recipe for disaster

This is why:

  • 80% of businesses will go bust in the next 5 years
  • 60% of businesses are just about scraping by
  • 30% of businesses are doing quite well right now
  • 9% of businesses are making a healthy profit
  • And why 1% of businesses are making 80% of the income

(apart from the first one the other statistics are purely made up, but they are based on my 27+ years in business and they are honestly what I believe and they are certainly not far from the truth).

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