is your biggest problem getting enough leads and sales? If so, you are not alone

Are you a frustrated small business owner?  Are you making less money than you hoped to? If so, the RESULTS Mastery programme can help you turn your annual sales into monthly sales. My name is Steve Mills, and I am committed to helping small business owners to scale.

On the RESULTS Mastery programme, you'll learn effective strategies and techniques to boost your sales and achieve your business goals. So, if you want to grow your business. Let's make 2024 your best year ever!

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Why Join RESULTS Mastery?

Joining RESULTS Mastery is a commitment to taking your business to new heights. If you're content with simply earning a living and not dedicated to investing time in enhancing your sales, marketing, customer service, financial management, and resource management, this program may not be for you. However, if you're ready to take decisive action and propel your business to unprecedented levels of growth, RESULTS Mastery Membership is your key to making substantial strides in your entrepreneurial journey.

Welcome to Results Mastery, your monthly business growth program designed to help you achieve more success and better results in your business. The program has been developed to provide you with the tools, strategies, and support you need to take your business to the next level.

With Results Mastery, you’ll have access to Steve Mills who is an highly experienced business coach, trainers and consultant with 28 years experience.  Steve will work with you to identify your goals and create a customised plan to help you achieve them.


  • Increased leads
  • Improved lead conversion
  • More sales
  • More profit
  • Better lifestyle
  • More focus on your personal and business goals
  • Improved financial management
  • A better understanding of all things marketing.

Our program is designed for business owners at all stages of growth, from those just starting out to established business owners looking to take their business to the next level. Whether you’re looking to increase sales, improve your marketing, or streamline your operations, Results Mastery can help.  Sign up for Results Mastery today and start achieving the success you deserve. Together, we can make your business dreams a reality.

Why I Know I Can Help You

To start with I have been in business for over 28 years and you don't get to advise people for that long if you are not good at it.

Secondly, I acquire my skills and knowledge by learning from some of the best sales, marketing and business growth experts in the world.

Thirdly, I have helped thousands of businesses to go from start-up to £100k+, or from £100k to £500k, or from £500k to millions in 12 months.

I am also a former international sportsman and I know what it takes to succeed.  

I am the author of four books and frequently speak to audiences in countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Australia, the USA, Switzerland, Ireland, and the UK.

Through his "RESULTS Mastery Business Results" approach and use of various business growth tools, I help clients improve their effectiveness and results, as well as create new streams of income.

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What Do RESULTS Mastery Members Get?

Client Testimonial - Steve Hyland of Business Connections Live

I can fully recommend Steve Mills and his RESULTS Mastery Programme

This is a 100% honest and authentic testimonial for Steve Mills.  I've known Steve for many years and when it comes to sales, marketing and helping businesses to grow he is a true expert in the subject. 

I have no hesitation in recommending his RESULTS Mastery Programme.

Steve Hyland - Business Connections Live TV


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"Unlock exceptional growth for your business with RESULTS Mastery. Our expert guidance will help you master the art of planning and executing a successful strategy, from market analysis and target identification to product development and commercialization.

Don't have all the answers? Book a complimentary RESULTS Awareness Meeting to learn more and have all your questions answered.

Don't wait any longer, invest in your business's future and enrol in our program today. Let our expert, Steve, guide you on the path to success."