Results Mastery Programme Are you prepared for what's coming?

The recession is coming, and the reality is that some businesses will still be standing strong and thriving a year from now, and many more won't. Which one will you be?

What is the difference between dominating the economic winter and those who are gone forever?  Answer - Their ability to sell and market their products and services.  

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About Steve Mills

Steve is a former International Sportsman turned leading sales, marketing and business growth advisor, coach and trainer.  

He is the author of four books and speaks to audiences in places like Singapore, Melasia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Australia, USA, Switzerland, Ireland, as well as the UK.

Steve helps his client to improve the effectiveness of what they are doing and therefore improve their results, as well as building what he calls new streams of income through his Parthenon of business results approach and through using a variety of business growth tools.

Steve also is a member of the Professional Speakers Association (PSA) and International Speaking Federation, Steve has appeared on TV and radio many times and established a reputation as a speaker through consistent success in helping people at all levels, to achieve significant measurable results.

Why Join RESULTS Mastery?

Because you need to become better at selling and marketing your product and services.

There are three levels of RESULTS Mastery. The programme has been 27 years in the making, and it is a culmination of my life’s work. The programme was developed through my investment of over 20,000 hours of my time and over £150,000 of my own money learning from the world’s leading sales, marketing and business growth specialists.  

The recession is coming, and the reality is that some businesses will still be standing strong and thriving a year or two from now, and many more won’t. Which one will you be? What is the difference between businesses dominating the economic winter and those who merely survive and are gone forever?   Answer – Their ability to sell and market their products and services. 

If you think about it, then it makes perfect sense. You need to become better at marketing and do more of it when times are tough. My business coaching could turn out to be your secret weapon. During the past 27 years, I’ve been helping businesses of all sizes to grow, scale and thrive. My straight-talking unique style of business mentoring leverages hyper-learning techniques and cutting-edge business foresight to turn business owners into successful ones dominating any economy.   Are you ready to gain the ULTIMATE advantage of joining RESULTS Mastery?   

RESULTS Mastery Kick Start

£99 / month
  • RESULTS Mastery online training (over 250 videos)
  • Online marketing planing software
  • RESULTS WhatsApp Group
  • LinkedIn Mastery Membership
  • Hotline to Steve
  • Sales and Marketing checklists, tips, scripts and copy
  • RESULTS Mastery Members Podcast

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What Do RESULTS Mastery Members Get?

Client Testimonial - Steve Hyland of Business Connections Live

I can fully recommend Steve Mills and his RESULTS Mastery Programme

This is a 100% honest and authentic testimonial for Steve Mills.  I've known Steve for many years and when it comes to sales, marketing and helping businesses to grow he is a true expert in the subject. 

I have no hesitation in recommending his RESULTS Mastery Programme.


RESULTS MASTERY is delivered in different ways, as follows:

1. RESULTS Mastermind group meetings are held online via Zoom
2. Your new marketing plan is online and accessible by your phone
3. RESULTS Mastery Training has 24/7 access to over 200 training videos
4. Q and A calls
5. The RESULTS Mastery Conference in 2023 is in Barcelona 6. WhatsApp and Facebook groups


Group mastermind meetings are on Wednesday mornings from 9:00 am to 10:30 am.

Q and A calls are available anytime.

Online RESULTS training programme and marketing plan are available 24/7.

Next year's annual conference is on the 21st to 25th September 2023 in Barcelona.


Steve has always believed that what others say about him is for more important than anything he can say about himself.

See for yourself what over 150 businesses say about Steve. Click the button below to discover what Steve calls "Don't Take Our Word For It".


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