Are you wondering why some athletes excel while others struggle? The secret lies in effective coaching and relentless practice. In my journey from a Table Tennis international champion to a successful business advisor, coaching played a pivotal role. Just like in sports, no one becomes a sales and marketing expert overnight; it requires dedicated training and consistent practice. If you aim for a stellar 2024, the time to invest in a coach and refine your skills in areas like SEO, sales, and marketing is now. Take the leap, embrace coaching, and watch your business soar.

I am rubbish at golf. Why? Because I don’t practice and only play a couple of times per year.

I am quite good at tennis and I play at the ‘top local league’ level. Why? Because I practice twice per week, but I’ve never had coaching.

When are you going to set aside time to get coaching and actually practice?

No one is any good at sales and marketing until they get trained and then they practice.

No one is good at anything until they get trained on what to do and then practice a lot. Then they get REALLY good. Practising the right way makes all the difference and this is why even after 28+ years of training and practice, I STILL do sales and marketing training every day. I have several coaches who are the best in the world.

Why do I do this? To keep getting an unfair advantage over every other sales and marketing coaches, trainers, or advisors. The truth is that 95% of them don’t practice and train themselves.

I take the best of everything I learn and provide my clients with the best training and coaching that they can get to grow their businesses.

So… The question is: When are YOU going to set aside time to get a coach and then practice what you learn?

When are you going to improve your:

  • Phone skills
  • LinkedIn marketing
  • SEO knowledge
  • PPC advertising knowledge
  • Referral system
  • email marketing skills
  • Networking skills
  • Meeting skills
  • Sales
  • Defending price
  • Answering objections
  • When are you going to have a practice sales call?

When you have a coach and you practice, you’re going to dramatically increase your chance of creating leads and making sales and if you want a better 2024 than 2023, then now is the time to get a coach and trainer.

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