On the 1st May 2022, I passed the landmark of 27 years providing businesses with Business Growth Advice, and I have helped many of them to make millions of pounds in unforeseen profit!

I run a monthly sales and marketing masterclass – It’s an online one-hour training programme that I deliver free of charge for business owners who want to grow their business.

It is called ‘THE RESULTS MASTERCLASS‘ and it has been designed to give people a sneak peek into my expertise and at the same time provide valuable insights to help business owners to grow and scale their businesses.

Today I wanted to talk to you about one of the things I am going to be teaching on my RESULTS Masterclass.

I am going to be talking to you about the three missing keys to marketing. I learned these keys by reading ‘The E-Myth‘ by Michael Gerber, which is probably the best business book I have ever read. The keys are Innovation, Qualification and Orchestration.

Today I want to talk about INNOVATION – the process of changing things to improve performance.

In sport, we do this all the time. In my sport of Table Tennis, we innovate by taking a shorter backswing, taking the ball earlier, playing more topspin, testing the use of new serves, etc.

In marketing, we innovate by changing the headline, improving the copy, targeting different markets, using different pictures, videos or scripts, etc.

One such innovation – example

One innovation was made by my client Mike Wilkinson of Axia Value Communication. Mike is highly skilled when it comes to helping businesses with value and value pricing. He wanted to run a Presentation Skills Training Day. He decided to run an open workshop. The idea was that he was going to charge people £199 to attend and get 20 people to attend x £199 = £3980. Not a bad day!

He decided to call the training session – ‘Presentation Skills Training‘ and he got a total number of signups of zero sign ups and so rather than getting £3,980 that he wanted, he got a bill for room hire for £300.

With his next event, he practised innovation and he tested the use of a different headline. This time he called the training – ‘BLOW YOUR SOCKS OFF PRESENTATION SKILLS TRAINING‘. Result – He filled the workshop with 20 people and made £3,980, minus a few hundred in costs for the room, food etc.

Mike’s details are – https://axiavalue.com/

The moral of the story – It’s not that you are doing the wrong marketing. It’s far more likely that you are doing the right marketing in the wrong way. However, by innovating you can adapt marketing that does not work into marketing that makes you millions.

Why not take advantage of this free Business Growth Advice and attend this Free Online Masterclass and learn about innovation, quantification and orchestration, plus loads more.

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