Website mastery

Why websites don’t work and what to do about it

In today’s RESULTS Mastery Live online training session. We focused on Website Mastery. During the session, we discussed – Why websites don’t work and what to do about it and generally there are two main reasons.:

  1. A lack of traffic
  2. Poor conversion

So often people tell me that they don’t win any business from their website and so they’re going to get a new website. What they end up with is another website that doesn’t win any business that looks better than the one that they had before.

Why is that?

It’s because they don’t put very much if any time and money into driving traffic to the website and because when people do get to the site, there’s no conversion architecture on the site to get them to sign up for something or to become recognised.

Have a listen to my Results Mastery live training session and any feedback would be very welcome

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