Want to know why you aren’t getting Boosting Sales? Well, the simple answer is, you’re not giving enough offers. What do I mean by this? I have seen so many businesses with great product and services that don’t give offers, but more so, they don’t know how to create offers. You see, the truth is that most businesses who don’t make enough offers are not getting enough exposure.

Instead, you make one offer and hope and pray that it converts, but what really happens is that weeks and months fly by, when you could have used every day to post more offers to new potential clients. Before I continue, normally those who don’t do well have the following issues:

Only uploading one post per week on LinkedIn. Don’t use Facebook at all for your business. Never try to sell anything on social media. Send out emails once per month. Go networking, but never follow up with people they meet.

If this is you, you are doing too little and aren’t utilizing the best platforms out there. Now, don’t put content junk because no one wants to see that. However, your audience does expect how you can potentially make their lives easier by the great work you offer.

I’m sure that you don’t only have one offer for your business. If you can’t think of more offers, then you really need to sit down and brainstorm various ways of helping your customers and how you can make your product or service desirable to them.

To conclude, make more offers. They will get you more leads, meetings, proposals, sales, profit, and money. For more marketing and sales ideas, visit my YouTube channel or book a quick call with me via the home page.

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Steve Mills