1st January 2024

Please find below an overview of the customer service support provided by Croften Limited. As part of our commitment to excellence, we continually strive to enhance our customer service offerings to meet and exceed the expectations of our valued clients.

  1. Customer Service Philosophy: At Croften Limited, we believe in putting our customers first. Our customer service philosophy revolves around responsiveness, reliability, and a personalized approach to addressing the unique needs of each client.
  2. Communication Channels: We understand the importance of seamless communication. To facilitate this, we offer multiple channels for our customers to reach us, including:
    • Phone Support: Our dedicated customer support team is available during business hours to assist with inquiries, concerns, and support requests.
    • Email Support: Customers can reach out to us via email at [email protected] for non-urgent matters, and our team ensures a prompt response within 24 hours.
    • Online Chat: Our website features a live chat option, enabling real-time assistance and immediate responses to customer queries.
  3. Knowledge Base and FAQs: To empower our customers with self-service options, we maintain a comprehensive knowledge base and frequently asked questions (FAQs) section on our website. This resource is continuously updated to provide users with quick answers to common queries.
  4. Training and Empowerment: Our customer service team undergoes regular training to stay abreast of product updates, industry trends, and effective communication strategies. This ensures that they are well-equipped to provide accurate and relevant information to customers.
  5. Feedback Mechanism: We actively seek feedback from our customers to understand their experiences and identify areas for improvement. Customer feedback surveys, reviews, and direct communication play a crucial role in shaping our service offerings.
  6. Resolution Management: In the rare event of an issue or concern, our dedicated customer resolution team works swiftly to address and resolve issues to the customer’s satisfaction. Our goal is to turn challenges into opportunities to strengthen customer relationships.
  7. Service Level Agreements (SLAs): We adhere to predefined SLAs to ensure timely responses and resolutions. Our commitment to meeting these SLAs underscores our dedication to providing efficient and effective customer service.

In conclusion, Croften Limited remains committed to delivering exceptional customer service. We appreciate the trust our customers place in us and will continue to invest in enhancing our support offerings. If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team.

Thank you for your continued partnership.


Steve Mills, Managing Director of Croften Limited