There are clearly many reasons why your website does not create leads.

These ways include:

  • Lack of traffic
  • Poor, or no lead conversion devices
  • Lack of video
  • Badly written
  • No or poor calls to action
  • Lack of photo’s
  • Poor sub-headlines
  • The arrival of stiff competition
  • Poor, or old design
  • Bad headlines
  • Poor SEO
  • Poor, or a lack of any marketing
  • Etc

So the question is – What to do about it? The answer lies in two key strategies:

  • Traffic – You have got to get people to visit your website
  • Conversion – You have got to convert enough of the people landing on your site into leads.

Where can you get traffic?

Again there are two strategies:

  • Paid for traffic such as Google, or Facebook advertising, remarketing, PPC Advertising,
  • Free traffic – From your social media and email marketing, blog, Podcast, networking etc

The importance here is your investment in time and money and the bottom line is most business owners will not invest enough of either. I often hear business owners telling me…

“I’ve invested in Facebook advertising and it does not work in my industry”. I say “What did you do?” and they tell me “I boosted a post for £5 per day for a week”. That’s like saying – I went to the gym and did 10 curls, but I am still not fit, therefore the gym is rubbish!

How can you improve your conversion rates

  • Improve your headlines and sub-heads
  • Improve your text
  • Develop a more attractive website
  • Use lead conversion templates
  • Offer something for free
  • ABC (always be closing)
  • Provide added value advice in the form of blogs and free reports.

Here is the truth

You can get a new website designed. You can get us to do it for you and you should. However, you should only get a new website if you are going to put the effort into traffic and conversion. Want to talk further? Book a meeting with me by Book a FREE RESULTS Booster Session with Steve Mills

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