We are living in incredible times. It’s never been easier to connect with an audience of millions. When I started in business 26 years ago, I did this through newspaper advertising, radio advertising, direct mail and I was lucky enough to get myself on TV.

However, gatekeepers meant only the lucky few got through to the people that they wanted to speak to.

Now through podcasting, social media, blogging, and video marketing, anyone can make it to the big time. And yet most have not grasped this opportunity. In fact, most remain blissfully unaware of the money that is sliding through their fingers every day. Either that or they are hiding behind statements like…

“I don’t like the sound of my own voice.”

“I hate seeing myself on camera.”

My advice – STOP MAKING EXCUSES LIKE ‘I’M TOO BUSY’. Are you really too busy to grow your one-person business to £100,000? Or to go from £150,000 to £500,000 or even £1,000,000?

Take my Podcast as an example. Since I got it on iTunes and Amazon (for free), subscriptions have literally hit the roof.

Take a look at my Podcast now available for free on iTunes and Amazon Music. Click here to listen on iTunes and don’t forget to subscribe to my RESULTS Podcast.


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Steve Mills