BusinessSales Mastery Coaching and Training by Steve Mills

If you could improve your conversion rates from 40% to 60% you would grow your business not by 20%, but rather 50%. Let Steve help you to increase your conversion rate by implimening a results based sales tried, tested and proven sales system in your business and then train your team in that system.
Steve Mills

Developing a RESULTS Based Sales System

There are many different types of sales system on the market, but this system takes the best of the best and puts it into a RESULTS Baster Sales System designed for your company.

It is the who will do what, when and how of selling and how will we measure your results.

Sales Mastery is meant to be a 12-month programme of sales support, but equally it can be delivered over shorter modules including days training.

Our roadmap for better sales results


Develop Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) & objectives

If you don't know where you are going how can you develop a plan to get there. Step No.1 is therefore to develop a vision and set of objectives. What do you want? When do you want it by?


Quantification - Understanding existing sales, marketing and business growth numbers

Quantification is the missing key to most marketing success. We all know the saying "You can't manage what you don't measure" and yet most businesses have very little understanding of their key marketing numbers.


Development of a RESULTS Based Sales System

One of the true facts about marketing is - The ROI is not set. In other words be making changes and improvements you can increase your ROI by 100's of a percent.


Training the new sales system

Once you know that for every £1 you invest in your marketing you are going to get £10 then you have proof of concept and the ability to have an unlimited budget.


Evaluate and improve the new
sales system

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Ongoing continuas improvment

Once you have evaluated your improved performance then we will work with you to create CANI (constant and never ending improvement).

Training your team in RESULTS Based Sales

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