Sales coaching & Training

Does your team need sales coaching or training?  The truth is it depends.  Are they hitting the target? What are their conversion rates?  Is this good enough, or do you need to raise your game?  Steve’s coaching provides your business with two key results to increase sales results.  They are as follows:

  1. Setting up a sales system for your business
  2. Training your team in that system


  • Weekly mastermind Sales RESULTS meetings
  • An online sales and marketing plan
  • One-to-one and group coaching from Steve Mills
  • Access to over 250 sales, marketing, customer service, finance, and strategic planning videos
  • Steve will review and recommend improvements to any aspect of your sales and marketing
  • Templates, scripts, checklists, action plans and reports
  • An open line to Steve to ask his advice

Our roadmap for better business results


You can expect a 25% to 150% growth in your business within 12 months.  Steve’s goal is to enable you to get back 10X what you pay for the programme.

Initially, you will focus on what Steve calls the “low hanging fruit”. So you can hit the ground running and make money within the first month.

Steve’s training and coaching is for sales people and for companies who are committed to growing their business. To gain value from the programme you will need to:

  • Be committed
  • Have a sales team
  • Be willing to implement the ideas that Steve will share with you
  • Measure your results


Whether you're a salesperson, manager, or owner of an organisation looking to boost your game and increase revenue by becoming more persuasive with customers, Steve's sales coaching and training can accelerate performance.

His two key strategies for success are about sales systems (the steps) and skills - finding out what makes each employee great at their job so that they work together as one cohesive unit - boosting results!

In addition, he offers training courses on how to become better speakers who captivate audiences using body language techniques that unconsciously trigger desired behaviours, such as increasing sales.


The next step is to book a free meeting with Steve in order to answer your questions, find out if the programme is suitable for you and if it is something that you can 100% commit to. During the initial meeting, there will be no obligation from either party, especially to sign up for the programme. In fact, you will only be allowed to join if there is a fit between you and what the programme offers. Steve will ask you some questions covering:

  1. Where you are now
  2. How did you get there
  3. Where do you want to get to
  4. How are you going to get there
  5. What are the obstacles
  6. How are you going to do it

Book your free initial RESULTS Awareness meeting by simply filling in the form on the right-hand side.  This will give you access to Steve’s diary and you can select a time that is good for you.