One of the biggest problems facing most small business owners today is a lack of lead generation. It’s probably the single biggest thing that affects the success of a business.

If your business can generate leads and convert those leads into sales, then you will be successful. If you can’t, you’ll probably go bust! It’s as simple as that. Many factors contribute to lead generation.

Traffic One of the biggest problems that people have with lead generation is a lack of leads from their website. Sometimes this is due to a lack of traffic and often very little effort being put into driving that traffic to a particular website. This is essentially one of the keys to getting more leads.

Conversion Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is all about converting more traffic into leads and making sure that your website converts and gets the best possible results. The question is – what are you doing to create traffic and how do you convert that traffic into leads?

Paid Advertising This is even more important, especially if you’re paying for advertising to drive traffic to your website, which is not converting. For example, if you’re buying advertising from Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, or another website and perhaps you’re paying over £1000 per month to drive traffic to your website, then it makes no sense to drive it to a website that does not convert leads into sales.

So my recommendation would be… The first place you should start focusing on is improving your CRO. Once you’ve done that, then you can look at your traffic and get more people to a website that already converts.

This is a key part of Marketing Training UK. My mission is to help businesses improve the sales and marketing results they achieve from digital and offline marketing.

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