There is always ‘A HARD’ in life. It’s hard to lose weight. It’s hard to become great at sport. It’s hard to pick up the phone and make sales calls. It’s hard to start a business. It’s hard to do marketing that creates leads and it’s hard to find the time to grow your business instead of working in it like an employee doing the work of the business every day.

However, here in this video, you’ll find the good news!

It’s always going to be hard, but do you want it hard now, or hard forever?

Below are my top 10 Marketing Tips and Marketing Advice for New Businesses

  1. Measure your sales and marketing results. You cannot manage what you do not measure!
  2. Invest in your sales and marketing knowledge. You need to be good at marketing and sales
  3. Focus on getting traffic to your website in order to build a list
  4. Market to your list at least weekly (in most industries)
  5. Test, test and test again. Test different approaches to see if you can improve your ROI (return on investment)
  6. Find a coach. Everyone needs someone to push them
  7. Learn a script for winning business from referral
  8. Become really good at one social media. For me it was LinkedIn and now we make £100,000 per year from it
  9. Speak to as many people as you can
  10. Always know that you can improve the results you are getting from each and every element of your marketing

If you are a new start-up business, then you probably don’t want to spend several thousand pounds on business advice and support. So, we have the perfect solution. It’s called The Inner Circle. The Inner Circle consists of over 100 sales and marketing videos to coach you through all the skills you need to sell and market your business.

You can sign up for a 7 day trial for only $1. From there on, it’s only $47 per month, with no tie in. As a start-up business you should be able to get your business to 6 figures £100,000+ within 6 months. Not a bad ROI (return on investment!

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