We all know that we need a map to get somewhere. We need to know where we are on the map, and we need to know where we want to go on the map. Without that, all roads lead nowhere…

So, in business, we need to know where we want to go and we need a map to help us to get there!

Step number one is to know where you are? So the first step of working with Steve is understanding where your business currnetly is.

Step number two is all about understanding where we want to go. What are the goals for the business for the next month, quarter, year, and 5 years.

Step number 3 is about the development of a M.A.P. Or as we call it – A MASSIVE ACTION PLAN.

In other words a plan to get you from where you are to where you want to be. However, here lies the problem.

  1. Most businesses don’t know where they are in terms of where their leads are coming from and what their conversion rates are
  2. They also don’t know where they want to go
  3. And 99% of business owners do not have a plan to get there.

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