Steve Mills

We have so much BS in the media right now that it distracts me.

All we hear is how wrong everything is, how awful people are, and even that someone’s killed or attacked somebody or has a mental breakdown for the other myriad of generally bad news.

When it comes to business and finances, this is exaggerated 10X.

Let me give you an example of what I mean.

It’s often reported that the business market, particularly the small business market, is doomed! Thousands of companies are going bust, and insolvency is up by 57%. So, now is the time to pull back and stop spending money because the world is coming to an end. Or at least the business world is.

Now, if you look at Routers and what they say, and how many businesses have been made insolvent in the first quarter of this year, you’ll see that it’s 3,938 businesses.

Now in the UK, there are just over 6 million limited companies. So, there are 6 million businesses in the UK, and only 3,938 have closed their doors so far this year. That works out at less than 0.36%. So you have a 0.36% chance of going bust.

This is far higher than the previous year (an increase of 57%). But that is due mainly to the re-paying of the bounce-back programme.

So what do you need to do?

I can’t answer that here, as it will be different for each company. All I can do is meet and talk to you about how you can increase your sales.

Now if you could increase sales and do so profitably, then it would be easy and accurate to confirm that you could overcome any other problems you’ve got in your business. So if you’ve got accounting and bookkeeping problems, you can hire an accountant and bookkeeper.

If you’ve got Customer Service problems, you could hire a customer service person; if you’ve got operational issues, you can hire people to help you in that department. If you could make more sales, then you could avoid insolvency. You need to make more sales.


Take the first step with me and book a free, no-obligation meeting. The meeting will be held over Zoom and will take 45 minutes. During that time I’ll provide you with some advice to help you to generate more leads and to convert more of those leads into sales.

I am a Business Growth Specialist. I’ve been doing that with businesses like yours for over 28 years and would only have been around all that time if I’d become good at it.

If you want to take this no-risk opportunity, use the following link to book a meeting with me online using my diary.

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