Many years ago a beautiful young lady applied for a job with me. She was clever, smart, articulate, had a high level of marketing and she was a really nice person and I really saw potential in her.

Her name was Abi Harland (now Selby). Sadly for me, Abi didn’t take me up on the offer of a job and instead went to work as Spa Manager at the Donnington Valley hotel in Newbury. This turned out to be the best decision she could have made.

Having spent several years at the spa and gaining experience within the group eventually, this role enabled her the foresight, belief, and ability to develop her own business called

Since I first met Abi we have kept in touch and from time to time we met each other and would share marketing practices, and ideas and also update each other on where we were with our respective businesses.

During one such meeting at the Donnington Valley hotel about five years ago, Abi told me that her current business turned over £50 million and I’ve got to say I nearly fell over. Wow!

I was so pleased for her and it was fantastic that she had done so well. She recently told me in the interview you can find below that in 2019 things took a turn for the worse and Covid hit.

Obviously, Covid hit the hotel industry and the spa breaks industry with devastation, in fact to such a level that every hotel in the country and every spa in the country closed down and Abi went from £50,000,000 to practically zero overnight.

What was she going to do? Could she recover?

Those of us who know Abi know it was never in doubt and whilst Abi is not quite gotten back to her £50 million she is now turning over £30 million a year and the business is thriving.

In the interview below she explains how she did that, the mistakes she made and the great decisions that enabled her to achieve such a high level of success.

Keep going Abi and I’m sure you’ll hit that £50 million mark soon. I wish you every success.

I hope you enjoyed the interview and it inspired you to grow your business.

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