Results Booster Session

A RESULTS Booster Session is a FREE one-to-one marketing session held over zoom.  During the 45-minute session, Steve will focus on how to boost your sales and marketing results in these tough times. 

The session is only for businesses that are 100% dedicated to growing their business and who are willing and able to invest time, money and effort in their sales and marketing and in developing themselves.  The session includes:

  • An opportunity for Steve to get a basic understanding of your business
  • A review of your marketing actions and results
  • A session on defining what you want your results to be
  • An audit of one element of your marketing
  • Formation of a plan 30-day plan to start you on the right track
  • Clarifying if being part of The RESULTS Mastery Programme would benefit you

Why Attend A RESULTS Booster Session?

A Results Booster Session is not for businesses who are happy with their current situation and who don't want to grow their business, making more sales and profit, and live better lives. A RESULTS Booster Session is for business owners who want to boost their business and increase leads, sales and profit.

We use a very structured approach to meetings which most advisors don't


The Results Booster Session and all our other meetings are structured using a piece of software called Agendali. We will send you a link to the zoom meeting and a link to Agendali. This enables us to run more effective meetings and to ensure you get more out of your time with us. At the end of the meeting Agandali will send you a 30 day RESULTS Action Plan.

Take the first step on your road for better business results

Our Promise To You

RESULTS Booster Sessions are most of all about helping you. Providing you with an experts view of what you are doing. How to improve it and what you need to do in order to achieve your goals. At the end of the session we would like to show you our RESULTS Mastery Programme and see if it's a fit for you. Sound fair? We think so, and hope you do too!


Are you ready for a RESULTS Booster Session?  Let's face it, you've nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Worst case, you will come to the end of the meeting with a 30-day sales and marketing plan and some great advice for free.  

Best case, you will have access to a 12-month programme that will help you make far more money in the next twelve months than you did in the last year.

Your next step is to apply for a meeting.  Use the orange button on the right to book your time.