RESULTS LinkedIn Training


When you join the RESULTS LinkedIn Academy, you will get:
  1. A free 121 meeting with Steve
  2. Reports on the latest thinking from the world of sales and marketing
  3. Updates on the changes happening within LinkedIn
  4. Access to free training events Steve delivers
  5. Bonus section on how to get a job on LinkedIn.


LinkedIn has over 800,000,000 members, with 32,000,000 in the UK. However, most of the people on it win little or no new business from it. I win more than £100,000 from it every year and I want to show you how for only £15. In the right hands, it is simply a business goldmine!

For many industries most of their client base is on LinkedIn, all you have to do is connect, network, and advertising, but is it that simple?

The answer is yes, and here is where you are maybe going wrong – You do not know how to present yourself as a leader in your field. I have helped thousands of businesses set up their profiles and position them as powerful leaders in their industry.

Most businesses build horrible profiles, some laughable. But this is where I ask:
“Are you serious about creating more sales for your business?”

Because it’s not your fault if you admit you don’t know-how. You need the help and training of someone who has used LinkedIn to create more than 100k of business every year for myself and millions more for my clients.

I have spent over a decade winning business on LinkedIn and sharing all the secrets and knowledge with my community helping them become exponentially more profitable and sustainable. One client made £42,000,000. Not a bad investment!

By placing a small investment into the RESULTS LinkedIn Academy, you will reap the benefits of nearly two decades of experience, in-depth research, and knowledge but most importantly mistakes learned during that time, that made us the most sought-after marketing team.


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