RESULTS Academy Programme

£49.00 / month

By joining the RESULTS Academy and community, You will have access to an amazing range of resources, tips and guides to help you improve every aspect of your marketing and advertising.
You will also have to opportunity to claim a 1-hour RESULTS Business Review and Coaching (worth £299) for FREE.



Who is The RESULTS Academy for?

The RESULTS Academy was formed to help small business owners to gain the training they need to improve their sales and marketing results at a price that they can afford (£49 per month) and to be able to do it online in less than 20 minutes per day.

Why is joining important for you?

Membership is essential to any business owner who is committed to growing their business. Why? Let me be really clear. There are only two ways to increase profit in your business. Firstly, you can reduce costs. Perhaps by as much as 20%, but it is limited. The second way is to increase sales by becoming better at creating and converting leads into sales.

Why do you need to join NOW?

Results is about being on the ball, staying knowledgeable, sharp and always taking action. Right now we are coming out of Covid (hopefully). Times are changing! The companies who embrace sales and marketing will succeed and those who don't will not.

The major problem has always been and is now more than ever A LACK OF SALES. Let me ask you a question - If you could sell enough of your products, or services at a high enough price, would you be more successful? You know the answer!

Why do you need our RESULTS Academy?

Let's be honest! The RESULTS academy is for SMEs, one-person businesses and start-ups. Ideally, you would want to work 121 with Steve if you could. However, that is going to cost you a lot of money. Money that as a start up or micro business you simply may not have. However, you can gain access to over a quarter of a century of sales and marketing knowledge for less than the cost of a meal out (£49 per month). Your ROI (return on investment) should be well over £100,000 if you are a start-up and even more if you are established.

If you want to create a better lifestyle, better holidays, have a better house or a better car. Then you need to become better at creating sales and marketing results.

What do you need to do next?

You may be thinking "I've heard it all before" and I understand that. However, I recommend you look at is this way. What's the downside? You invest £49 per month or £588 over 12 months (by the way there is no tie-in). Let's say you get busy and don't take any action. You've just wasted £588. However, on the upside, you make at least an extra £100,000+ in new unforeseen income. Not a bad ROI even if you only did half of that! The only question now is - ARE YOU THE TYPE OF PERSON WHO TAKES ACTION? If you are, then sign up now!

I have built this academy, sharing 26 years of my life’s work. I have spent over £150,000 of my own money and 20,000 hours putting the program together. The RESULTS Academy is a training program that makes you understand exactly what you need to do to get maximum results. This is what made me the UK’s Leading Sales and Marketing Coach.

So, whatever situation you are in, if you’re a business owner with a struggling business or if you are a business owner with a moderately successful business, if you want better results and marketing knowledge is something that you lack, then it is vital that investment in yourself.

Make this investment to gain all the tools you need to make your sales and marketing success!

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