LinkedIn Made Easy 2.0 By Steve Mills


LinkedIn Made Easy 2.0 is a book on LinkedIn written by Steve Mills.  The book provides readers with everything they need to know to market their business on LinkedIn.  Including:

  • Setting up your personal and company profile
  • How to grow your contacts
  • Building relationships
  • Communicating
  • Paid for advertising
  • Membership
  • And more

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LinkedIn is an incredible website, with over 670,000,000 people connected worldwide and over 30,000,000 in the UK (approx ⅓ of the UK population).  In short, it is the world’s biggest database of business owners, senior professionals and management. 

The question is – How do you take advantage of this opportunity?  We have spent over 10 years of research and testing in order to find what we believe is the best way of creating RESULTS on LinkedIn.  

These results for us have been about £100,000 in new business per year.  However, some of our larger clients have exceeded our success significantly with same of £300,000, £450,0000 and more and one client won an order of £42,000,000 from a LinkedIn lead they got following attendance on our one-day LinkedIn workshop.

This is Steve’s fourth sales and marketing book and it is called LinkedIn Marketing 2.0.


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