How to Become Better At Selling


How to Become Better At Selling

On this 6-week online sales training course you will learn how to:

  • Win appointments on the phone
  • Create leads from social media
  • Develop a sales system and scripts
  • Improve your closing conversion rates
  • Overcome objections
  • Close more sales


Why you need sales training?

Imagine if you could increase your conversion rate from four out of ten leads (40%) to six or seven! That would be an impressive leap. And it’s not only about improving the number, but also how quickly they convert; a quick boost like this could really make all the difference in growing sales for any size company.

You can grow your business by improving the way you convert leads. Sales training is one of the easiest ways to increase this number which will, in turn help boost profits!

Sales training can help you grow your business in three easy steps. First, improve the efficiency of how leads get into production by 20%. Second increase conversion rates for sales from 40% to 60%, which is a significant jump that will cut down on time spent per client and allow more revenue at once! Finally make sure everyone knows what they need to do next with this new knowledge applied everywhere – it’s not just about closing deals anymore; effective marketing strategies should also be considered so customers feel confident continuing their relationship as well

The options open to you

There are many options open to you and in our opinion, they are these:

  1. You could carry on doing what you are doing and getting the same results as you always have
  2. You could go and read a book, watch a video, or read a report
  3. You attend another company’s sales training for a day
  4. You could sign up for ours and get monthly tips, updates and the latest technology from the worlds of sales and influence

How we can help

If you choose to sign up for our sales training you will get access to our online video-based sales training.  This will allow you and your team to train together, or individually 24/7.  Each of the training videos is 10 to 20mins and so learning in bite-sized chunks is easy.

When you join for £99 per month this gives you access to the programme for your whole team.  Our system also allows you as a business owner, or sales director to know who has done what training.  At the end of each training, session delegates have to pass a short test to ensure they have been listening and not just gone for a coffee whilst the training is delivered.

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