How to be more successful

How to become more successful is not easy, but it is simple. All you need is the structure. Here is a structure for success that I learned many years ago that I am going to apply to sales and marketing.

In other words, how to be more successful in sales and marketing.

Step 1 – Know what you want? You need to know what good looks like.

What results do you want from LinkedIn marketing, PPC advertising, attending networking events, etc.?

I am sure you agree that this is common knowledge, but it is NOT common practice. Most business owners do not have a clue what results each of their campaigns should be trying to create.

Step 2 – We need to take action

In my 29 years of experience working with small businesses, the No. 1 reason that marketing fails is simply that it never gets done! Often, businesses are not doing well, so they do some marketing. Then they start doing better, and they get busy, so they stop doing the marketing. Then business dries up, and so they start marketing again, and they go round and round on the same wheel.

You need to take action, and massive action produces massive results!

Step 3 – Measure your results

Another BIG mistake is a lack of quantification.

“You cannot manage what you do not measure.”

Not sure who first said that, but I am sure that it is it true!

Step 4 – Change your approach

Business owners often behave like butterflies. Flying from one marketing idea to another. Never staying long enough to get things really working as effectively as possible.

Step 5 – Model success

Lastly, but most importantly, ‘model success’. Is there anything you can learn from Apple, Nike, or Porsche? Do these guys know anything about branding, or marketing? Of course they do. That is why they are so successful!

If you are a consultant, trainer, or advisor like I am, then there is a guy you may know called ‘Tony Robbins’. Tony is the highest paid consultant in the world, turning over $7 billion a year. Which is a little bit more than me, so can I learn anything from him? I am 100% sure I can.

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