That is a strong statement to make so let me address that one right away.  I don’t know about you, but I love the simple stuff that works far more than the complicated stuff that doesn’t.  Put simply…

If you do these four things every day, you can make as much ‘dosh’ as you want.  

I recently learned this from Frank Kern. Frank is one of the worlds leading marketing experts and someone that I have learned a lot from over many years.

Here they are:

1. Build your audience

“We are really good at what we do, but no one has heard of us”.   How many times have I heard that?  
Step one is – you have got to always be building your audience. Otherwise – nobody is going to see your stuff!  Now – an audience is different than “likes”, or “fans”, or “LinkedIn followers”, or any of that stuff.  Your audience is the people who actually PAY ATTENTION to what you’re saying.

The way we used to do this when I started out 26 years ago was to build a direct mailing list.  Then came the email list.  Of course, building an email list is still a good idea (the fact you’re reading this proves that)!  However, there’s other stuff too.  For example: If anyone engages with one of your social media posts they are automatically added to your audience.

If you see my stuff everywhere, for example, it’s because you engaged with me and so your social media platforms show them more of my stuff!  Plus, some social media platforms will start showing your stuff to other people that are similar to the ones who are in your audience without you even telling them to!

So, to be clear – if someone clicks on one of your posts (even if it’s just them clicking the “read more” part), watches one of your videos, leaves a comment, hits the like button, or anything like that, then they are added to your audience.  So, stop farting around saying “I don’t want to bombard people and so I will just post once per week” and get going, and do something every day!

Important point

I run lots of adverts on Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook.  Whenever I do this I am building my audience three in ways:

Way no. 1 – Some people buy stuff. (They’re added to my customer list and I can email them.)

Way no. 2 – Some people opt-in for a free gift.  A report, a free training programme, or they attend a free webinar. (They’re added to my email list and I can email them.)

Way no. 3 – Some people visit my site but don’t do anything. (They’re added to my retargeting audience and I can show them more ads.)

I also make organic posts and whenever I do, my audience grows.  This has worked so well that my engaged audience on Social Media is now far bigger than my email list.  This is such a HUGE deal.)  The other day 14,000 people read one of my LinkedIn posts and 7,000+ people listen to every podcast I do. 

Step 2: Make more offers

How is anybody going to buy your stuff if you don’t make them an offer?  The answer is NO-ONE!  I know making offers is common sense, but it is not common practice.  Question for you – Did you make an offer today?  No?!  Why not?  Let me be clear:


You’re on my list so you know I make offers by email all the time.  However, I also make offers through social media posts, YouTube videos, podcast episodes, my website, landing pages, and advertisements!

So just make an offer. At least once. Every day.

Now, step three is one that a lot of people don’t think about and that’s …

Step 3: Build An Asset

Here’s what I mean by “asset”.  An asset is a thing that can continue to make you money…long after you created it.

1. A course or product is a good example of an asset.

2. A sales letter is an asset. Write it one time, use it over and over. Sometimes for years.

3. A video is an asset. (I still get people coming into my “world” as a result of them watching a video I made YEARS ago.)
4. Same thing with social media posts.

5. Even this email is an asset. If lots of people read it and respond to it then I can send it out again in the future.  

And finally, there’s the “secret” step that few people ever think about:

Step 4: Create Goodwill

“Goodwill” is a simple way of saying “people buy from people and businesses that they know, like, and trust”
This is so important and so underrated.  Put simply – If your market likes you, then they are way more likely to buy your stuff!  Do you want to know the best way to create goodwill? Just HELP PEOPLE!  

The best way you can do that is to simply show them how to get what they want.  This email is a prime example.  It’s showing you four simple things you can do every day that will help you get what you want: MORE MONEY.

And if you think that doing all four of these things every day is hard, think again!  Take this email for example.  It’s doing two of the four steps.  First, it’s creating goodwill because it’s helping you.  Second, it’s an asset. I can use it again.  I can even re-invent it and use it as a:

Social media post, a youtube video, Podcast, Blog post. I could even turn it into a book, online training programme, or 4-day workshop.  The truth is that this stuff isn’t as hard as people make it out to be.  You have just got to stay focussed on the stuff that works.

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