OK, we got the title from Michael Jackson's song, but it is something we believe in and we are trying to do our bit to achieve this.  I don't think if he was here that he would mind us borrowing these great words!

Put simply, every time we make a sale, we provide clean water,  plant a tree, pay to educate children, or anyone of the hundreds of other charitable donations we can all give using 

When someone recommends us and they become a client, we give £100 to Cancer Research UK.  So the more successful we are, the more we give. Sounds good right?

Our two main charities are and

On the right-hand side, you can see our contribution to the business-based charity B1G1 and so far we have given £6,600 to Cancer Research UK.  We hope we inspire other businesses to do the same and do their bit to heal the world.

Contribution to B1G1

As a member we give to a chosen charity everytime someone buys from us.

My passion has always been to give back and create a more greener and sustainable world by giving back to charity whilst helping businesses become more profitable.  So in October 2021, we joined the business-based charity B1G1. Since then we have planted 120 trees and provided 1022 days of clean drinking water.  Planted loads of trees and many other things.

So join me, and the thousands of other businesses that help, to support this amazing community, and let’s help make the world a better place for the next generation!

Contribution to Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK is the No.1 charity that we serve.  Every time we won a new client by referral, there was no marketing cost, and so we gave £100 to Cancer Research UK.  We have also taken part in several 3 Peaks Challenge events and raised over £1,500.

Sadly nearly everyone is touched by cancer in some way, and one in three of us will get it. 

However, the good news is that it is not the death sentence it once was, and it is believed that we are not too far away from a cure for Cancer.

We support Cancer Research UK in the name of our clients, so they get the credit and the certificate.

So far we have donated  £7,250.