I can help you to increase your success by enhancing your sales and marketing results. I have over 28 years of experience.

To kickstart this transformational journey, we'll begin by assessing your current position, clarifying your objectives, and crafting a tailor-made roadmap to reach your goals.

Seize the opportunity now and secure your place for a complimentary one-on-one consultation, our exclusive "RESULTS Booster Session." Let's ignite your potential together!

Unlock Success with RESULTS Mastery Membership


RESULTS Mastermind Round Table

You will attend a weekly online mastermind meeting where you share your expertise and learn from Steve and other members live. Each mastermind meeting lasts for two hours and is great for networking too.


Online RESULTS Marketing Plan

As a member, you'll get your online marketing plan. The plan can also be an app on your mobile phone, giving you full access to your marketing action plan.


RESULTS Kickstart Meeting

Your membership starts with a Kickstart meeting where you kick-off yourself to a full range of services. Then, we will begin working on your marketing plan.


The RESULTS Mastery University - online video-based business growth training is comprehensive and forever expanding. Currently, there are about 250 training videos covering finance, marketing, sales, people, systems, customers, and strategy.


The RESULTS Community is part of Steve's University. With many members asking questions and sharing ideas, asking for feedback and pitching their products and services.


RESULTS Conference

Every year we run a two-day conference. This year's conference is on the 18th and 19th of November (Friday and Saturday) in Portsmouth.

Join The RESULTS Mastery University for free and get access to lots of advice, tips, ideas, and strategies to grow your business

I find Steve – patient, professional, caring, affordable, knowledgeable, flexible and highly motivational to work with. I started using Steve to help me with my marketing, after I attended one of his LinkedIn training sessions, about 15 years ago. Since then I employed my own marketing staff and things went very OK. After downsizing my business during the pandemic I have recently outsourced my full marketing effort to Steve and his team – I only wish I’d done this years ago.

Paul Cadde
Paul Cadde Cadde Asset Protection

We signed up to Steve’s RESULTS Mastery programme three months ago and since then we have grown our Accountancy Practice by 64.7%. Steve first helped us to increase our leads from our Google Ads. We doubled our leads in the first month without spending any more money on advertising. Steve is top class, spot on and clued in. You should give him a try!

Seamus Parfrey Partner - Parfrey Murphy Accountants - Cork, Ireland

Phenomenal! I always thought that I knew how to sell, how to market, and how to get new business, but when you have a fresh, clever and experienced set of eyes look at your company, you will realise what you’ve missed! Steve and his team are phenomenal and have opened our business to all kinds of new areas. Get them to look at your company, and show you how they can help grow your business!!!

Jeremy Stock Managing Director of Run Print Run

Steve has got me taking action! I have been on Steve’s RESULTS Mastery programme for a short period of time but already Steve has got me taking action which I believe will result in reaching my financial goals whilst building up relationships with my existing clients in no time. I look forward to the weekly call and there is so much value being a few people rather than 121 as you get to hear other perspectives and see other challenges which can all be related to you no matter what business you are in. Steve is open about his own business journey and willing to answer any question with confidence, honesty and interest. I can see that my goals will be met in less than 12 months and am excited for the future. Thank you Steve for making me “just do it” Tina

Tina Cleary Tina Cleary Photography

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